Mumbai, India

Ending Child Sexual Abuse

It is estimated that more than 50% of children in India are subjected to sexual abuse, and most cases go unreported. Sadly, the lack of awareness of this problem and of how to act in cases of abuse only protects the abuser and silences their victims.

GMSP Foundation currently funds Arpan’s Personal Safety Education (PSE) programme. It aims to empower girls and boys within schools and other institutions to reduce their risk of sexual abuse. It does this by providing children with the necessary skills to report abuse, to seek help and to overcome it through psychotherapeutic support. The programme also raises awareness among parents, teachers and caretakers about the risks; and provides them with skills to create strong support networks for children. Arpan also advocates for the inclusion of its programme within the national school curriculum.

In 2015/16, GMSP Foundation is funding Arpan to support 706 children to attend a PSE course in Mumbai. GMSP believes in dynamic leadership and is a big supporter of Arpan’s founder and social entrepreneur, Pooja Taparia.