London, UK

‘My family were forcing me into a marriage with an old man. I felt so lonely and thought of running away many times but believed I had nowhere safe to go and they would find me and kill me. It was petrifying for me to make such major decisions in my life so I decided to think more about my options’.
– Ashiana service user

South Asian women in the UK are three times more likely to commit suicide than women in the general population. Domestic violence and harmful, cultural practices play a major role in this tragedy.

Counseling services for women who have suffered the trauma of gender-based violence are essential in rebuilding their lives. Ashiana provides a safe space for women to live in a supportive and caring environment.

Ashiana helps service users to manage their depression and reliance on medication, minimize self-harm and build their self-confidence to articulate their rights and access appropriate services.

GMSP funds Ashiana’s trained counselors to support women in this healing process.