Asian Women’s Resource Centre

London, UK

BME police officers make up 12% of the Metropolitan police service, yet the BME community make up 40% of London’s local population. Even fewer of these officers are female and from the BME community. (Home Office, 2015)

Women from the BME community are significantly under-represented in public services. Awareness around cultural specificities of the BME community among the public service sector, at large, is also weak. This matters if women vulnerable to gender violence are to receive the support they need.

GMSP Foundation is supporting the Asian Women’s Resource Centre to train public service providers to understand and be responsive to BME needs. This includes working with local councils, teachers, GPs and the police to ensure they understand the cultural drivers and sensitivities around issues of violence in the BME community.

Many black, minority and ethnic women suffering from domestic abuse experience multiple social exclusion issues. These include language barriers, unemployment, poor housing and lack of access to education and training. The majority are either dependent on their partner for income or are working for their partner. This leaves many women suffering from isolation.

GMSP is funding the Asian Women’s Resource Centre to organise leisure activities for survivors of domestic abuse such as a pop-up beauty parlour. This is important to encourage friendship and support amongst women affected by gender violence, who are often isolated and at risk of self-harm.