Sanitation First

Gujarat, India

Community Water & Sanitation Programme

A child dies every 17 seconds from a sanitation-related illness. Poor sanitation continues to kill more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

Without toilets, sewage pollutes drinking water spreading illness and disease. Those most affected are among the world’s poorest, often sick, unable to work or attend school, remaining trapped in a cycle of poverty.

GMSP Foundation is proud to support the work of Sanitation First in Gujarat, India. We believe in listening to the communities we work with to design meaningful interventions for change. With our joint support, Vankvad village now has 99 family eco-toilets with washrooms and a working well, water pump and storage unit. This has improved the health and dignity of all its inhabitants, and increased health, safety and school attendance of girls in particular. The waste collected also provides safe compost, increasing crop yields and a source of income for the village.

The project’s careful community consultation ensured needs were met and were sustainable, with the additional benefit of bringing women together in community savings, self-help and rural cooperative groups to build their confidence and income generating powers.