Mumbai, India

About once every five minutes an incident of domestic violence is reported in India, under its legal definition of ‘cruelty by husband or his relatives.’ According to the last exhaustive family survey done by the government, more than 54% of men and 51% of women said it was okay for a man to beat his wife if she disrespected her in-laws, neglected her home or children, or even over something as trivial as putting less – or more – salt in the food. One of the key tenets of GMSP’s philosophy is to work towards change in attitudes towards women that would enable them to lead a dignified life.

Our grants go towards CORO’s ‘Multilevel Interventions against Domestic Violence in Focused area’ programme that creates community support systems to combat domestic violence in over 4000 households in Shivaji Nagar and Vashi naka areas in Mumbai. In order to create such support systems, CORO utilises a 4-pronged approach – community mobilisation, awareness generation, leadership development and campaigns. A second component supported by GMSP is providing immediate assistance to women suffering from any kind of violence/distress apart from domestic violence only.

At GMSP, we believe that a lasting change for women can only happen if there is a change in the attitude of the society. CORO’s gender sensitisation programme aligns with our values. The Meena Raju Manch (MRM) programme aims at gender sensitisation of students in the age group of 12-14 years across 25,000 primary schools in Maharashtra by training teachers and crating awareness through life skill activities. In order to create a sustainable change amongst youth and children, CORO is expanding its outreach to key stakeholders such as parents, school management and village/town community.