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London, UK

‘We must commit to educating our children with moral values and focus on breaking the cycle of gender stereotypes and gender value judgements. We must commit to a holistic approach to education, which will result in a new generation of gender-equal thinkers’.
– Leslee Udwin, Director of India’s Daughter and Founder of Think Equal.

Since directing India’s Daughter, motivated by reaction to the film, Leslee Udwin founded Think Equal. The aim is to address the root cause of gender violence by educating all children about equality to challenge the pervasive mind-set that perpetuates it. Think Equal’s purpose is to add social and emotional learning as a compulsory component of education curricula around the world, starting from the first day of every child’s formal education. The goal is that each adopting country will adapt the Global Curriculum to local cultural specifics, starting with the Early Years Programme (for ages 3-7). GMSP’s co-founder Pratibha Sachdev is a patron of the Think Equal initiative.