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Hand in Hand

Tamil Nadu, India

Around one-third of the 1.3 billion people living in poverty globally, live in India. While parts of the Indian economy and infrastructure are growing rapidly, so is inequality and poverty, leaving billions of poor families and communities struggling with the absolute basics in life. While the Indian State has a lead role to play, these communities need a helping hand.

Hand in Hand India works to alleviate poverty through a multi-dimensional approach. They do this by empowering women, and society, through job creation and integrated community development.  Recognising that no one issue will bring about sustained change, GMSP value this community-centred, coordinated approach. From 2007 to 2009, GMSP Foundation funded Hand in Hand’s Village Uplift Programme for Keel Sirunaiperugal village in Tamil Nadu.

By establishing village committees and an evening tuition centre and by running awareness-raising campaigns, the Programme worked to address child labour and school drop-out issues. The Programme provided vocational training, micro-finance and IT support to women in the village through self-help and micro-finance groups and the Citizen’s Centre. It also held medical camps, and ran awareness campaigns on maternal health, sanitation, waste management and environmental health. 

As a result, Keel Sirunaiperugal has a higher school attendance record and strong, women-headed businesses. It is a safer, healthier place to live, grow and work.