Manav Sadhna

Ahmedabad, India

Women’s Community Development in Urban Slums

High unemployment as well as the absence of basic amenities such as water and sanitation in India’s urban slums makes it difficult for people to feed their families and keep them healthy. Most women lack the basic resources or access to a basic livelihood to support their family out of this poverty trap.

GMSP believes that women’s empowerment, with the right resources and under effective leadership, can help uplift a whole community. For this reason, GMSP Foundation worked with Gramshree to establish a Women’s Centre in the middle of the largest slum in Gujarat. 

The Women’s Centre now acts as a home away from home and hub for women and girls to support one another through self-help groups and to access basic services such as healthcare and micro-finance. The Centre also offers livelihoods to women as they earn a salary for work such as embroidery and making products from rags. In turn, Gramshree helps to provide a market for the women’s artisan products.

Since its inception in 2008, the Women’s Centre has helped 15,000 girls and women to become more economically independent and to build a safety net for their families in a challenging environment.