In the UK, our primary focus is to eliminate gender violence, specifically among women and girls from ethnic minority communities.

BME women & girls may face gender violence that is specific to their culture. There is currently a lack of awareness and understanding of these needs, resulting in a shortage of funding to specialist charities serving this group.

GMSP Foundation works with community organisations, charities, business and the government to address this knowledge, skills and funding gap.

In India, our focus is on building women and girls’ access to health, education and economic livelihoods in a safe and dignified environment.

In India, women and girls suffer in particular from a lack of access to basic health, sanitation and means of production. They also suffer from the effects of widely-held attitudes towards gender violence that result in high levels of domestic abuse and routine harassment. As a result, women and girls are fearful of undertaking everyday tasks and less able to voice, participate and negotiate around their needs at home and in their communities.

54% of men and 51% of women believe it is OK for a man to beat his wife.

By engaging trusted, local partners, GMSP Foundation works to build women and girl’s capacity to control their own incomes, bodies and health for not only their own betterment but also of their communities.

Throughout our work in India and the UK we invest in all areas that block
the pathways to our strategic goals and work to promote positive attitudes
towards gender across communities.