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In the last five years, we have moved towards 

providing flexible gap funding to give our 

partners the power to be more agile, responsive 

and relevant in the face of the evolving 

needs of their communities. 


Coronavirus update:

A message to our partners


We want to reassure the organisations we fund that we are here to support you. Our funding is always flexible and can be redirected to meet immediate demands, but at this time of global crisis we know that more is needed. Our emergency funding responses include accelerating payments, allowing for full flexibility with when and how our funds are deployed, and making emergency grants available to some of those we already fund. We’ve been in touch with many of you, but please read our first response post and email our team to let us know how else we can help.

In solidarity,

GMSP Foundation

God My Silent Partner (GMSP) Foundation was set up in 2006 with a view to improving the lives and wellbeing of people who are vulnerable, marginalised or facing prejudice and discrimination in India and the UK. 


We want these groups to be seen, 

heard, believed and supported.


We give our support to grassroots organisations that work tirelessly for a more humane society that upholds justice and safeguards dignity. 


Our approach has been to seek out dynamic organisations, civic leaders, activists and advocates who understand the challenges of the communities they serve better than we ever could.  We champion

our partners not only by investing in them, but by introducing them to our networks, exchanging skills and experience with them and providing them with legal and social media support.


As well as backing their work we also focus on their personal wellbeing, nurturing them to sustain their efforts and doing everything in our power to propel them forward.  


When we fund, we think strategically about what role we can play in the vast philanthropic landscape. We do not want to fund in isolation. We look at what other support organisations are receiving and step in to fill the gaps. 

We believe in serving the most vulnerable, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, background or beliefs. 

- Ramesh and Pratibha Sachdev


Our family values and spirituality underpin our whole approach to philanthropy. We want not only to make sure that the hungry are fed and the homeless are housed, we want them to have love, stability, peace and dignity




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