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gives children with visual impairments the best start in life by providing a nurturing learning environment. GMSP has supported the Blind School in Gandhinagar with the construction of a new building that gives children access to state of the art education and boarding facilities. 



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In many remote Indian villages, children 

born with visual impairments and into poverty face hurdle after hurdle in acquiring the skills and accessing the opportunities that would help them live full lives with dignity. Society often does not know how to deal with blindness, resulting in maltreatment or negligence. In some cases, parents believe that their children were born blind because of a religious curse, and end up abandoning them to fend for themselves. 

In the more marginalised communities, families have little information and few resources, if any, to help them raise a child with visual impairments. The economic hardships faced by so many mean that children with disabilities are often relegated to the bottom of the priority list when it comes to education. As a result, these children end up dependent for the rest of their lives, unable to fulfil daily tasks on their own, let alone gain an education or employment. 


Children at the Blind School are taught life skills, sports, computers and music within a nurturing learning environment where personal growth is a major focus. 

The school provides education from grade 1 to grade 10 and also offers accommodation for those students who will undertake further education nearby. 

The facility also extends support to elderly blind people in surrounding areas. The school has a computer and a modern technology braille printer. 

A committed team of teaching and support staff oversees the children’s education and wellbeing. Students of the school have won prizes and awards at the Gujarat state level in music and sports, a testament to the skills and confidence they have acquired in their time there. 


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