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harnesses technology to mobilise a global network of lawyers and students to provide legal aid to those most in need. Through its work, it seeks to amplify the voices of civil society and defend human rights. GMSP supports iProbono’s outreach work in Mumbai and Gujarat, which engages with local organisations on capacity building and advocacy projects. 

people benefited from legal assistance in 36 countries 

1.4 million


A network of ​



Every day, millions of disadvantaged individuals struggle to gain access to the justice system. While legal aid is available to all in theory, the reality is that high-quality, affordable legal services that can secure a strong chance at a fair trial are rare. 

Litigation is expensive and an overburdened system means cases can languish in courts for years, sometimes decades. The system feels all but closed to the most vulnerable. There are communities fighting eviction notices, women in the informal sector struggling to access government benefits and child victims of sexual violence whose families are seeking justice and protection. There are many more people who need help understanding their rights and navigating the complex justice system. However, just the process of finding a lawyer means taking time off work and losing income. 

Civil society organisations that are willing to take on cases are often under-resourced and over-stretched. Pro bono work, where legal firms take on a case for free regardless of its outcome, is not widespread in India. 


iProbono harnesses technology and connectivity to deliver legal aid to those who need it most. Using a digital platform and personal interaction, iProbono connects lawyers and legal students with individuals and organisations that need free legal advice and representation. 

iProbono works around three main axes: to strengthen civil society, to represent people in need and to advocate for equal justice. 

Through its network of over 60,000 volunteers, iProbono provides civil society organisations with free comprehensive legal support. It litigates for those denied justice, pursuing strategic casework that leads to legal reform. It also advocates on their behalf by mobilising the combined power of civil society and the private sector to highlight injustice, entrench human rights and end discrimination. 


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