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provides specialist counselling, advice, advocacy and refuge services for vulnerable women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in the UK. It helps women who have suffered violence rebuild their lives and provides those at risk of harm with support and information to help them make informed decisions about their future. 

women and girls supported through refuge, advice and counselling services 



women left abusive family homes 


cases of forced marriage were prevented 


In many BAME communities in the UK, custom dictates that family problems should be kept inside the home. Domestic violence, abuse, suicide, anxiety and depression are often taboo subjects. The stigma of talking about these issues openly only fuels the silence. 

BAME communities face a multitude of pressures including racism, discrimination and language barriers. Many BAME women are brought up to believe that privacy and a family’s reputation are more important than an individual’s troubles. As a result, they are often hesitant to reach out for professional assistance. Those who do seek help often have trouble finding counsellors or therapists who understand the cultural dimensions of their particular concerns 

and pressures. 


Ashiana Network provides refuge services for South Asian, Turkish and Iranian women who have experienced a range of issues including domestic violence, sexual violence, forced marriage and honour-based violence. Ashiana offers temporary safe housing and works with the women to enable them to leave their violent situations. 

Ashiana provides one-on-one counselling services for women and girls impacted by all forms of violence and where possible, this is done in the client’s preferred language. Qualified counsellors and experienced volunteers help give women the confidence and tools to get back on their feet and make more informed choices about their lives and their futures. 

Clients are also offered confidential, culturally specific advice on their legal, financial and personal situation. 


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