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provides warm and nutritious vegetarian meals for those experiencing food poverty in the UK using many ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away. GMSP has supported Food for All (FFA) through funding a van for food to be transported, as well as ongoing core costs of the organisation. 

meals served

10 million


people across 

the UK are served 

meals daily 


8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat. UN figures also show that 5.6 per cent of people aged 15 or over struggle to get enough food. A further 4.5 per cent report that they have been a full day without anything to eat. 

Even when food is available, those living in poverty are often forced to make unhealthy choices in order to prevent hunger, which can subsequently lead to problems such as obesity, malnutrition and other diet-related medical issues. 


FFA provides freshly cooked food for free, made from ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away for being ‘slightly imperfect’. 

The food is delivered where possible using emission-free bicycle rickshaws by a core team of volunteers. 

FFA has implemented this initiative by asking the public to instigate a campaign against food waste globally. 

FFA works closely with homelessness and mental health charities to conduct its services. 


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