We support innovative solutions driven by

communities themselves 

We invest with money, time, skills, networks 

We invest in strong leaders who listen to their communities and have a track record of success 

To fundamentally improve the rights and lives of vulnerable communities 

All human beings should be treated equally 

Individuals have the right to choose their own path 

Collaboration: we can’t solve problems on our own 

We have a responsibility to support humankind 

Respecting one another is a key element of

creating a peaceful world

Grassroots organisations are drivers of change 

Promoting rights-based education 

Advancing economic participation and agency 

Enhancing rights and access to justice 

Improving health

Women and girls transform communities 

Boys are part of the solution 

Ending violence requires a holistic approach 

Investing in strong NGO leaders 

creates change 

Women’s economic empowerment is critical

to a woman’s value ​​

Grassroots organisations embedded in their

communities can create effective solutions

Increased income, agency and access to finance 

Reduction in prevalence of gender-based violence 

Perception change

Increased health and wellbeing 

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