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is a grassroots organisation led and shaped by people from traditionally marginalised communities. It works for equality and justice through programmes on community leadership, gender equality and enhancing women’s decision-making power. GMSP supports CORO’s multilevel interventions and the creation of community support systems to combat domestic violence in over 4,000 households. 

grassroots leaders trained, impacting 2.5 million people 




reached through gender sensitisation programme 


Ashalata’s husband left one day and never came back. Overnight, she found herself with two children, no income and no property of her own. Now a single mother, she was shunned by her community, with nowhere to turn. It was not until she met other women in similar situations that she garnered the strength to start a new life for herself and her children. Today, she is a community organiser for single women in her region. 

Social isolation and marginalisation affects millions of people in India. They can be excluded because of gender, disability, social and economic status or ethnic background. They are pushed to the edges of society with no access to basic services and no support system. 

Because of widespread gender inequality, women from marginalised communities face twice the discrimination. With little social or legal protection, they are vulnerable to violence and exploitation. 


CORO delivers yearlong mentorship programmes that develop the leadership skills of community members and equip them with the tools to solve the problems specific to their communities. 

CORO delivers gender education to students in schools across Maharashtra. In collaboration with local government and UNICEF, CORO provides training and monitoring of this programme in schools and conducts awareness campaigns in villages on gender equality and girls’ education. 

The women’s empowerment programme works with households in Mumbai slums to break taboos and facilitate dialogue around domestic violence and inequitable social norms. The programme offers training, counselling and legal aid services and organises awareness-building campaigns. It also supports women in forming self-help groups to generate income for themselves. 

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