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works to eliminate the root causes of discrimination and violence by delivering a curriculum in social and emotional learning that gives children a crucial foundation for positive outcomes in life. GMSP has worked with Think Equal to construct a programme in social and emotional learning for early years education and support the core costs of the growing organisation. 

children reached 



Taught in over 

schools across 14 countries 


Emotions matter. They influence how we behave and how we interact with others. Study after study has shown that emotional intelligence—the ability to identify, understand and regulate emotions—can help protect people from aggression, substance abuse, suicide, depression and mental health issues. In schools, bullying, aggression or online abuse can be traced to the lack of emotional intelligence skills. 

As children grow, the discrimination and negative attitudes they observe around them become entrenched and normalised. They can start to develop discriminatory attitudes or become influenced or intimidated by peer group behaviour. 


Think Equal has gathered a group of expert advisors from across the world, including experts in education, human rights, gender, psychology and neuroscience, to develop a programme for a new pre-school subject in social and emotional learning. This programme works to ensure that children acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills of self-worth, emotional literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, conflict resolution and gender equality amongst others. 

Think Equal is working towards a systemic change in education to end the discriminatory mindset and cycle of violence across the world. 


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