Group of people sitting on the floor holding their hands up and smiling.

Our Approach

Our partners are incredible grassroots organisations working to improve the lives of people in the UK and India every day. It is our privilege to be able to contribute to their work.

We practice trust-based philanthropy

We want to help build equity and justice in the world. And that starts with building equity and justice into how we fund.

Trust-based philanthropy rejects the traditional power dynamic between funders and their grantee partners. Instead, it asks us to challenge our privilege, cede our power and operate with transparency, patience and humility every day.

We invest in local solutions

We know strong frontline organisations are best-placed to identify and respond to the needs of marginalised people in their communities.

We listen to their evidence-based assessment of need and provide them with multi-year funding so they can direct unrestricted resources where that need is greatest. This is often toward the types of work others won’t fund (rent, reserves, training, marketing collateral, and more).

Other forms of support we provide include access to pro bono legal aid, connections through our network, media and social media promotion and opportunities to leverage further funding.

Women's arms, adorned in bangles, interlocked behind their backs against a backdrop of a colourful fabrics.

We care about people - not just the organisations where they work

Meaningful change takes time. It also requires a workforce that isn’t constantly burnt out.

We invest in the health and wellbeing of the people who power the organisations we support, providing our local partners with grants to strengthen the resilience of their leaders and teams through mentoring, self-care and more.

We do all this as an expression of spiritual solidarity

We believe in a sense of shared humanity with every single being on Earth. When we say we act in ‘spiritual solidarity,’ it is our way of expressing our profound connection and commitment to our partners and the people they support.

As British Indians, our approach to philanthropy has always been guided by values of faith and family. We are a family foundation, after all. And when you believe what we do, then you know we’re all part of the same family.